Monday, March 10, 2008


I have no idea what this week will bring. My goal today is to successfully entertain youngest DD. Oldest DD is going to be working later today, DS has gone to his friend' it is just youngest and myself. Problem is, I don't really know what I want to do today. I suggested that we go for a nice drive and go to a grocery store we both like to go to..(beautiful country drive) and pick up some healthy foods for a stir-fry for supper.....and while there can also make a pit stop to a store DD loves to go that seemed to satisfy her for the moment.

The theatres around here a showing Toonie Movies all week in honour of March/spring break, however there is only one that we would consider going that is a possibility for another day.

My goal this week is to meet our new "neighbours"..again with youngest DD, as they have kids around her age.(but are bussed to a neighbouring french school, so do not go with my DD) These neighbours moved in just after Christmas and we have met their DS, but not the DD...I'd also like to meet the mom, as I think she is home all day like me. I'm not sure if that will happen today though, as it is a little too cold for a walk up the road....we'll see what tomorrow brings on that front.

Yesterday I got out all my cross-stitch friendship blocks from an exchange I was in a few years ago...I had never done anything with them....I have 14, and have decided that the time has come to make a quilt with them. I cut them all to the same size, and one warm day soon will gently wash and dry them...and press them, then decide on fabric to be used for a quilt.

Anyway, enough for now...I need to get a move on and get outa here with younest...


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