Wednesday, March 26, 2008


What can I's snowing out.....I can't go anywhere, I worked all morning in the kitchen...SOOOOOO I'm randomly posting a couple of photos.
In the photo, which hangs in our stairway, you will see my grandparents. I love this photo, and ironically all my life I hated it...but a few years ago I realized what an awesome photo. Being the youngest grandchild to the youngest child and born to her later in her life, I have the opportunity of having wonderful "history" in my home. This photo is 101 years old! It is my grandparents when they were married...they are about 19 in the photo. They had a lovely "lawn" wedding. I never knew my grandfather, but did have the opportunity to know my grandmother...actually I am her namesake! When she passed away, she left me her wedding ring and her diamond, which I do wear on occasion.

The photo of the doll is actually a doll that my aunt gave me....the doll is about 90 years is a china doll and is in played with condition, but I just love her.

Anyway, enough of randomness....I must go rescue my poor deprived DD from her room...mean mom...I am making her do some work in there!! I mean really, just because she made the mess, why should SHE have to clean up!!

Have a great day everyone....



Slone said...

"just because she made the mess, why should SHE have to clean up!!"

I so hear that! We have six and they all feel the same!

Glad to know it's a kid thing even half way across the world! (ok maybe not 1/2 but it makes for good drama!)

Nancy said...

Love the old photos!! I am the youngest of 7 children and my Grand Father was in WW2. I have some great pics from the war. They are amazing.

I'll have to share a pic of my parent's wedding day. They were married in 1946.

Hugs Marion!!