Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Okay, so 5:45am my alarm goes off....and it says on a local radio station that there IS school today, students may be disappointed, but there might not be tomorrow because of the impending storm this afternoon.....etc.etc.....so. I get up...and go about my morning routine....6:50am, my son gets up, has his shower....and I turn on the local Breakfast Television show to get the most recent news and updates on the weather...and.....SCHOOL IS CANCELLED! OOPS...LOL....by this time youngest had also gotten up! I know I didn't dream what was said at 5:45, but usually there isn't indecision like this! We are due to have #8, or is it #9 storm this year.....snow, ice pellets......yuck!!

I also have to say this, I am a morning person, I LOVE mornings....and I found that since the New Year, I have gotten up and looked forward to the days....before that...not so much, despite my morning personality....I know the reason...and it is very simple........my son was THE WORST person to get up in the morning...I was cranky and exhausted and irritated every morning...I was at a loss as to what to do......we got him his own clock radio for Christmas...and not ONE morning since have I even had to knock on his door and say "time to get up".....it's a miracle, I tell you...nothing short of a miracle! It may be a small thing, but it has made life so much easier in the mornings! And, he's getting up in a good mood!! AH....simple things in life...who would have thought that a cheap clock radio would change our lives SO much!!

So, my origional plans for the day have been kind of swept under the rug, with everyone home I will not be painting as planned...but I have lots of other things to work on....and I'd also like each of you to take a look, if you have the time...at my friend Sara's blog...and her wonderful nativity collection....isn't it awesome!!

Have a great day everyone!!!



saras said...

hey! thanks! wish the alarm trick worked for my oldest...he just lets it ring and ring and ring!

Leslie said...

I remember those days...before technology that is! LOL Our district and many around have bought this phone alert system that is able to call every person in the district within 6 minutes. Now, I get woken up to the phone ringing sometime between 5:10am-and 5:40am. They have to make their decision NO later than that because our district is spread out so far that the buses are getting ready to leave the garage and start picking up by 5:45am. Now, I don't have to wake up and hope that I catch the cancellation across the bottom of the local channel before I have to wait for it to go through again! LOL

Well, your plans have changed but I hope you find what you want to do and have a great day :)


Kathy A. said...

Well, goodness girl - you must be so sick of snow!!! I'll bet spring can't come soon enough for you

mumzy said...

Well, Marion, snow again. We in the southwestern part of New Brunswick have gotten our share too but we are only supposed to have flurries today. Other parts of New Brunswick are in for a whopper.

You are a smart lady to have thought of the clock. I'm not a morning person so I guess it would not have made a difference for me.
Glad I don't have to get up too early now that we are retired.

Have a great day!

Simply Heart And Home said...

We are having snow today as well and I believe more is forecast for tomorrow. Do the children have to make up school days that they all miss due to the weather? Here they do.

Warm and cozy hugs to you,