Saturday, February 7, 2009


First of all...thank you SO much to Sabine Foster, if you are reading this, please let me know! LOL I got the chart and fabric in the mail yesterday!! Thank you!! I've lost your email, so I thought I would acknowledge you here.

It looks like it's going to be a nice (but cold) day here in Nova Scotia, so in a bit, my youngest and I will head out to do some errands.

People have been asking for updates on the dentist appt....well, it went very well! Once I got there I knew I had made the right decision concerning the dentist and in fact actually going. I have another appt this week, and also next week. Eventually I need a bit of gum surgery (fun, fun) but I will get that done...and then the worst will be over. I'll space the appts out over time, and what insurance allows for the year...but bottom line...I'm proud of myself for going and I'm very excited about getting the work done!!

I know that I am long overdue to show you some photos. It's been a long week, and my camera is downstairs (pathetic excuse)....LOL

I have a question for anyone reading this blog that will care to answer....what type of person are you, in your lifestyle, etc? I consider myself a very basic needs person, to a certain degree. I don't expect extravagant gifts, I don't have expensive tastes.....and I love my home and being at home. I guess in respect some may consider that I lead a sheltered life. When the kids are older, I would love to travel to other parts of Canada and to the US, but I cannot see myself ever travelling extensively. I have certain people that I want to "meet" and visit...and I do hope to do that one day, sooner rather than later, but I have no desire to "see the world"....I am and will be happy to life comfortably in my home. You many wonder, why is she asking this? Well, I have several friends that travel what I consider extensively...and while it is great to see the world through them, I don't think, given the opportunity, that I would travel to some of those places.
There is one place I would love to visit though and that is Alaska! I've always wanted to travel looks so beautiful!

Anyway, I do hope everyone has a great Saturday!!

Take care

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