Friday, January 30, 2009


So sorry I have not been posting...I have been trying to visit blogs, but life just got in the way this week. It's been a LONG week. My oldest daughter had her exams this week, and as of Wednesday, has finished High School! She will work fulltime until September when she goes to university. She will go back for her prom in June. She will also graduate with French Immersion. We are very proud of her and even more proud that she was able to graduate early...she was told she probably could not do this with the French program in her school.

Anyway...yesterday was a storm day from school, so I had my 3 children, my oldest's boyfriend, and my DH here all day....the house was full!! The "storm" was alot of slush on the roads in the morning...the temps warmed up and it was pretty much okay later (around noon). My oldest had to work at 4, so she took her car....she called me a few minutes later from her boyfriend's road to tell me it was leaking oil...drastically....DH went and it wasn't oil, but transmission fluid! Her car is being towed today...I am hoping it's easily fixable....I don't want to get into this car for alot of money. We try to keep her in a car for the time being, as she needs to get to work and we live 10 miles out in the country.....anyway, we'll see. There is a bus service, but it doesn't run on Saturday mornings or Sundays.....go figure.

I finished up one of my swedish weaving blankets this I need to get it ready to go to it's new home....:) I also started another one, which I will show next Wednesday (totally missed it this week).

Anyway, my friends, I must go and get my chores done......kind of a blah feeling day for me...not sure why!!
Take care


Kathy A. said...

Well, let me see = a winter storm, a housefull of family and a broken down car. That sounds like a fun week. No wonder you are a little blah. Hang in there

Simply Heart And Home said...


Maybe your blah feeling is just tiredness from a long week. {{HUGS}}

I hope this will cheer you up!

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Colleen said...

Whew! It feels good to get caught up with you, Marion!

You must be so proud of your daughter! That's quite an accomplishment for her. I hope her car is easily fixed.

We've had a stormy and busy week here as well. Here's hoping we can both recharge over the weekend!

mumzy said...

Congrats on your daughter graduating. It is a very proud moment for you and to have her graduate early adds to it. DH also graduated from the French Emersion Program - that is the time for them to learn it too. Sorry about her vehicle, hope it won't be too expensive to fix.