Wednesday, February 18, 2009

BUSY, BUSY...and another storm brewing...

I know, it's been a while....I have not diasppeared. I have just been busy. With my oldest not having a car at the moment, I did not realize how much extra driving it would involve!! (Not to mention miles and gas on the car! LOL)

It's been hectic here....the kids had ANOTHER storm day last week, and then an inservice day, so actually they had a 4 day weekend...and you know what....another storm is coming tomorrow!! Is it ever going to end??

We had a pretty uneventful Valentine's Day....we went out to supper.....DH, DS and myself. Oldest was working and youngest was at a Birthday party. It was quite nice. We will be going out again not this coming weekend, but the following, as it is DH's and my Birthdays....yes, DH is one year and one day younger than me.......LOL..

I have been working on my Blanket this past week and trying to squeeze some cross-stitch in.

My son has joined the GYM at the Sports Stadium we have here. He had been on a week free trial and last night we signed him up for 3 weeks. I am surprised that he is doing this, but a few of his friends are as well, and it certainly will not hurt him! He is quiet and shy and this will be all good for him. He's enjoying it....ofcourse this also means MORE driving and picking up, but at least with him, some days we drive his friends, and visa versa.

Well, I must get my day going...I've got errands to do and also a dentist appt at 10am. I am so enjoying going to this dentist!! Yes, I really said that!!!

Take care and have a wonderful day!!



Katy said...

Oh no...another storm? Is this a snow storm or ice or something else? I hope you all stay safe Marion!

Simply Heart And Home said...

We are due for another storm tonight, Marion. It was so nice for about a week and now BOOM back to winter as usual. Spring sounds so good!

Stay warm and sane! :)


mumzy said...

Yes, another storm tomorrow. AAArgh! Will be glad to see the snow end this year.

Glad to see you are not so afraid of the dentist. They are truly pain free visits for the most part.

Have a great day!