Thursday, February 5, 2009


My dental appt that was scheduled for last Thursday has been post-phoned until today...because of a storm we had last Thursday. I have been up since 5:30am......but I am feeling positive about this......I know it will be a good thing in the end....needless to say, I am please....think kind thoughts for me.

Thank you...and I will try and update you later.



Kathy A. said...

Wishing you a day free of pain and a great smile at the end.

Leslie said...

Good luck :)


mumzy said...

Good luck, the thought of it is much worse than the actual work. All modern dentistry is mostly pain free.

{{{Hugs for you}}}

Sandy said...

Good luck and good thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Marion, how did it go?

I had mine a week before you and did pretty good! I go in next Thursday for the perma crown. I'm just grateful it didn't need a rootie...

Big hugs and hopefully you are recouping wonderfully.

Simply Heart And Home said...

Praying for your dental visit. You will be glad that you did it when it is through.