Wednesday, February 4, 2009


LOL...I was going to post the new blanket I am working on, and still may later today....but I am not in the mood to go downstairs and get my camera....pretty pathetic, right?, I'm not in a bad mood.....

Anyway, as I mentioned last week, my oldest has finished High School early...and she is working basically fulltime at her job...until September....with this came the realization by me, that my life as I knew it was changed......I wasn't anticipating that her hours will mean that she isn't up and out the door around the time she would be going to school.....she's HERE...not that I don't love my daughter here, but it will take some adjusting on both our routines will have to change....and so will hers........add that to the fact that the kids are basically averaging at least one school storm day a week, which means DH is also home, as there is no point in him being out on the roads if they are that treacherous (he's a salesman) routine has fallen by the wayside....I need to regroup and replan my days!

While at Costco the other day I picked up this book...and am really enjoying it......

There is a story inside it which may apply to me.....about a mom that ends up realizing she loves getting up early and getting things done, etc...before her family gets up.....I do get up before everyone else, but I think I may try getting up a bit earlier to get some things this may give me the time I need to get things done.....
Anyway, must go....DH is trying to get our snowblower working, not sure what happened to it, and there is a ton of ice to scrape off the cars!!!
I will try and get back with my blanket later today...


Leslie said...

That would be different. I found myself a little cranky that the kids keep having snow days. I was used to them being home all of the time but the break has really changed me! LOL

Um, can you pretty, pretty please re-link to Mr.Linky again? I tried the new thing and didn't like it. I thought I could link you and Linda myself but I can only do one, so Linda's is there and you're missing. I'm sorry. Not trying that thing again!


Bobbi Jo said...

Don't you just hate not being able to keep your routine.
I am looking forward to seeing the blanket you are working on.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

mumzy said...

Things have a way of changing very suddenly, but as humans, we are able to rearrange our days and eventually, we are comfortable with our new schedules.

Looking forward to seeing your new blanket.

Have a great day!

PC said...

I know the readjustment that kids leaving the nest is an interesting time of life. Blogs have been quite therapuetic for me.
thanks for sharing
HOpe you are ok.
Paula from Idaho

marnie said...

Itcertainly is a change as the children get older and their lives begin to take shape!
Embrace it's fun!!
Can't wait to see pictures of your blanket.

Another Marion :)