Thursday, February 12, 2009

Will it ever return to normal??

It's busy around here...and why? Well, for example...I got the kids up this morning, son was ready for school...I turned on the local Breakfast Television show only to find out...NO SCHOOL once again! What????!!! I had already been out with the dog, and it was really mild....but apparently it's right around the freezing mark and some places are slippery...but get this..tomorrow is an inservice no school!! My daughter is was supposed to be her Valentine's party (due to no school tomorrow) she's kind of sad...and I'm sad for her...the thing is...if they would only put the schools on delay around would be fine! All this missed school is not good. Not to mention my schedule is all blown off in every direction. When there is no school, most times that means DH is home too...he's independant and it isn't worth his while to be out on the slippery roads, etc.....I love my family, but geesh, it is so hard to maintain the house with everyone off schedule!!

So what have I been up to? This is my latest swedish weaving blanket. I am making this for my sister in law for either Christmas or her Birthday...her Birthday is December 24th. I am liking it, and I think she will as well.

I am thinking since I really can't do what I had planned for today, I will put a stew in my slow cooker and start a new cross-stitch project. I may as well give up on a routine of any kind until this winter weather is over!!

Saturday being Valentine's Day is a day of mixed emotions for me. Four years ago on Valentine's Day, I had to leave my family, job at the school and head down to my is the day my dad went into the hosptial and my life changed forever. He passed away 10 days later and I didn't return to my family for 5 weeks. My mom needed someone with her. My daughter mentioned that this morning actually..that year she missed her valentine's party because we had to take her out of school and she went to my husband's sister's place...since she missed her party, she was able to have it another day...pass out her Valentine's etc. She was only 7 at that time.

I do hope everyone has a great day!!


mumzy said...

I do like your Swedish weaving that you are making for your sister-in-law.

I also understand your sadness for this time of the year as I, too, lost my Father on February 10th and he was buried on the 13th, just 3 days before my birthday. He died in 1987 so it has been a while but I still think of it every year.


Simply Heart And Home said...


I'm sorry that you have sad memories of Valentine's Day long ago. {{HUGS}}

I hope you get warm weather soon. We had a mild but very windy day here. It is a nice change. No doubt, winter will be back with a vengeance.


Colleen said...

Winter sure has a way of messing with the daily routine, doesn't it, Marion? I hope you'll have some family time this weekend to help ease your sadness about your dad.


Simply Heart And Home said...

Me again, Marion. :)

I apologize for the lateness in the Kitchen Magnet Friendship Exchange. I posted today the names to exchange with. :)

I also posted some prayer requests.