Sunday, September 21, 2008



It is two years ago today that my mom passed away. She was 88 years old.
She lived 19 months longer (almost to the day) than my dad. My dad passed away rather suddenly and her world fell apart. My mom suffered from alzheimers for a few years, but was very functionable until my dad was taken from her. They maintained their own home...and had a great life together. I watched her struggle so hard those months...trying to block out the fact that my dad, her life, was gone.

My mom was a wonderful lady. She had a terrific sense of humor, which she had until the day she died. She was the youngest of 8 children and the last surviving sibling of her family.

I miss my mom alot, and I think of her every day. Although I lived 100 miles from her and dad, I spoke to her at least once a day. She spent the last 9 months of her life in a private nursing home just 5 miles from me, although she did not realize she was that close. Her eyes would light up when I came to visit, or my children....some days we would talk, some days I would just sit with her. Whenever the children or I got up to leave, she'd always kiss us and say " You'll be back tomorrow?"

She taught my children what it was like to have a loving relationship with a grandmother....they still miss her very, very much.

Always in our thoughts....forever in our hearts....Love you always mom....


saras said...

Ah! She looks like such a sweet lady! I know you miss her!

She Who Makes Waves said...

Such a nice tribute to your Mom! Our Moms' are always near forever dear!

Leslie said...

I'm sorry that it's a hard day for you :( Try to think of all the good parts of your mother today and be happy for the time you spent with her. She sounds like a wonderful mother :)



Anonymous said...

Dear Marion,

Your Mom looked like a lovely lady. How blessed you are.

I sat crying while reading your post. It brings back memories of my Mom. This will be our first Christmas without her.

Just wanted you to know that I'm sharing your pain today and that I'm lifting you up in prayer.

Colleen said...

Your mom sounds like she was a wonderful lady, Marion. What a lovely tribute to her memory...

Simply Heart And Home said...


I am so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful tribute to your mother. Thank you for sharing it with us. And you all are so beautiful in your pictures!