Friday, September 12, 2008


It is 10:45 am here, and I feel like crawling back into bed and wishing this day away..LOL....okay it isn't that bad, but it's just been one of those mornings.
It started bright and early with my youngest looking for a permission slip she needed for a party tonight (rock climbing..indoors) and ofcourse yesterday I had asked her NOT to take that from where I had it, but she did and now can't find I had asked her last night to tidy her room, by bedtime it wasn't done, so she was up early this morning seemingly doing it....I didn't have time to check before she got the bus, but when I did....geesh...I guess my defination of "tidy up" is not hers!! Needless to say, she will be in there when she gets home. I had a mind to keep her home from this party, but I won't be that harsh this time...the parents have paid for 5 girls to go and a last minute cancellation, unless unavoidable wouldn't be fair, so I'll deal with it another way.

And now for the "better" part.....our oldest has a car that we purchased for her over a year ago. She needs a car for her job, we live in the country...well lately it has been having problems and our mechanic doesn't know what it is.....anyway, my husband had it a couple of days ago...and it worked fine, then it did the things she said it did...while he was on his way home, so it sat in our driveway...I was easily able to drive her to and from work yesterday and told her I could today, but she said no to today. My husband, in the meantime had planned on getting new tires on MY car today, so took it, and left his van here...I don't normally drive the van, but have keys. however when DH left, he took my keys and ofcourse probably had his in his pocket! LOL....So...a few minutes after he left, I get a call from our daughter...her car was acting up and she was at her friend's and they HAD to get to school. I call DH on his cell phone...he's out of I call the place where he is going...and eventually he calls me....he has to turn around and get DD and her friend and drive them to now we have to get her car fixed as soon as we can...she works hours that will mean alot of re-arranging in our schedules....or I let her take my car.....which will put me here without one....not really a big deal, but I really do use my car alot.
I am ready to have a talk with youngest when she gets home AND her punishment has been decided. She WILL be allowed to go to this party, since I had already told the mom she could ..BUT she will not be going shopping tomorrow with her friends and her friend's mom as planned...she will not be having anyone over or go to anyone's house for a week, no sleepover next weekend that she wanted AND her room will be checked every night before bed to make sure nothing has been "hidden".
I had started my post earlier and then had to save it for a while to help DH go get our daughter's car and get it back here. I still don't have my tires on...I hope that will get done this afternoon.

I should also add, our daughter's car is an old there is that chance it might take more to fix it then we want to pay...we might be looking at trying to find her a "new old" car. :(



She Who Makes Waves said...

Holy! Moly! All that before 10:45am! I don't know how you Mother's get through your days! I have great admiration for you Marion!

Just to let you know, every time I open your blog, I stare at your beach picture and I can get a sense of serene! I love that picture!

saras said...

Hey! How'd the whole party/clean your room go?! :)