Thursday, September 4, 2008


Seriously....the weather around here has been something else! Even on days when the sun peeks through, we still manage rain (sometimes torrential) and thunder. My dog is no longer afraid of thunder....she barks at it and gets mad!
Last evening it rained so hard I thought it was hail!

Anyway, yesterday being the first day of school went well....all three seemed quite happy when they came home...stories to tell..etc. It is a big culture shock for my son though....he went from Middle School with about 150 students to High School with 1400!!!

My oldest has confirmed that she will graduate early...which means she will leave school in February and do one math course at home. She will graduate in June, but between February-June will work fulltime for university. I am so proud of her for making her own decisions. At first we preferred that she stay at school for her whole grade 12 year, but realized after while that she really wanted to do this. She will also graduate with French Immersion.

My youngest came home with stories from her first day....who she played with, what girl wore what to school...what each girl did with their hair, what colour socks they wore...etc...all the important stuff!!! LOL

Tonight I am going to see Mama Mia with my two cousins! I've been wanting to see this for quite a while and the opportunity came that I could go tonight with I'm quite happy about that.

Anyway, enjoy your days everyone.......


Leslie said...

I hope the rain stops for a bit for you! We haven't seen any in a week but we should be getting some rain off of Hannah by Saturday. We had plans to go away to Jer's friend's camp for the weekend again...figures!

Congrats to your daughter on her early graudation! I'm sure it will be different for her but it's great that she's ready and willing to accept the challenge! You must be so proud.

I chuckled at your youngest and the important Aften played with a new girl at recess yesterday. She can't tell me her name, just knows she's not in her class and she had on the same sneakers! They became playmates all over sneakers?! LOL

Have fun at Mama Mia tonight!

And as always...Have a great day!

Simply Heart And Home said...

Congratulations to your daughter! It won't be long before she is at the university full time!

Please send some rain my way. It is terribly hot (90's plus humid) and we haven't had rain since I don't remember when. I think we are due for a storm on Saturday night.


Colleen said...

I sure hope your weather improves, Marion! We had a few weeks like that last month...not fun.

I'm glad to hear that your kids did well yesterday. I'm doubly glad that you're having a girls' night out this evening. I hope it's loads of fun!