Monday, September 8, 2008


I did another post this morning, posted it and then took it down....I needed to vent, I did, and life goes on. Leslie had some good advice for me.....hug my husband, realize what I do have in life.

I cannot change people (this isn't my DH or children I am speaking of)...and so I will just "deal" with it.

Today there is this big bright ball in the sky...I do believe they call it "sun"! What a wonderous sight after the weekend we had of rain and wind. And there is a nice breeze, so fall is definately in the air.

Tomorrow I am having my cousin over for "Blanket Club". She is bringing dessert, I will provide mid morning tea and a snack (I'm hoping for homemade muffins and the energy to make them in the am!) and I will also provide the lunch...simple...sandwiches and a salad. We will be working on our swedish weaving blankets...and she is bringing over the soundtrack for Mama Mia! (Guess what we will be listening to!!)

Tomorrow night my youngest daughter starts back at gymnastics....Wednesday morning I have an appt with a specialist about my, a fairly busy week.

Take care everyone and enjoy your evening!




Simply Heart And Home said...


A special {{HUG}} from me to you. I'm sorry you are dealing with "stuff". Rest assured that you are loved by your family and friends.


Anonymous said...

Marion, I have been dealing with that same MIL for over 20 years myself. I stopped trying to figure her out, and just realized that she truly didn't want to be part of her children's lives. And, since I did that, life is great.

I'm glad to see that you are feeling better.

Big hugs!!


Leslie said...

Go to my blog and scroll way down to the player...find "What I Cannot Change" by LeAnn Rimes! It's a GREAT song and has helped me through a lot lately :)

Hugs to you again :)


Colleen said...

I'm sorry you're having a tough day, Marion. (I didn't see your previous post. But if it's MIL troubles, I can relate.) Perhaps tomorrow's plans will cheer you up. Your Blanket Club luncheon sounds divine.


Katy said...

Oh...i am so sorry Marion...whatever happened! Things in life can be so frustrating..but remember you can only control yourself...(that's what I remind my kids and myself) so no matter how another person hurts's how you choose to deal with it that counts!!!
I hope you have a good day! xoxo