Sunday, September 14, 2008


I was asked how the whole party/clean your room went? Well, when my daughter got home from school I explained what exactly I had meant by "clean your room"....she and I organized things....and I told her how she needed to tidy didn't all get done before we had to leave, but alot did. She went to the party and I'm glad she did. There were only 5 girls invited, and all 5 went and had a sleepover that night. They went to a Rock Climbing gym and had a great time.
Her room still needs a going over, but at least it's just minor. I'll be checking it each night.....I am in NO way a neat freak....I just like it in some kind of order you know?
As for our other daughter's car, we still don't know what is wrong, DH will talk to our mechanic today (hopefully) and see if he has any idea. I do have a feeling it's probably at the end of it's's old, and well, we don't want to put alot more money into we will probably be on the lookout for something else for her.
I've been feeling really sad lately.....our oldest has decided that she DOES want to go away to university. I cannot imagine her not here each day.....I know, it happens all the time, but I'm not ready for it to happen to us. I am proud of her and her accomplishments and how hard she works at school, but I will miss her greatly come next fall, and still hope for a miracle that she will change her mind and go locally. The problem with locally is that we have fantastic universities, but they are at the top of the price range in Canada, sadly.
Have a great day everyone...I hope to get some cross-stitching done today.
Take care


Leslie said...

I am the same way as you when it comes to bedrooms! Everything doesn't have to be picked up but seriously, I don't want to find everything that you knew you were to pick up shoved in a corner or hidden under the bed or even just under a blanket. Put your stuff away! I want to teach my kids these things when they are young so they have a chance later in life. I see my friend's house and listen to her talk about how clean it is...yeah, compared to I guess what she lived in as a kid but MAN, its atrocious sometimes. I can't relax at her house at all. I feel bad but I haven't been there since last Feb because of it. ....

I'm sorry about the car. I'm sure something will work out.

Give you DD some time....I know plenty of kids in high school that said they were getting the heck out of here and going as far away as they could. Some only made it a semester and ended up back here! LOL

Have a great rest of your weekend!

She Who Makes Waves said...

She needs to know all about being tidy so that one day when she has her own place she will be able to look after it!

I hope her choice changes to a local universiy. I hear it is so expensive to attend these days. Could she possibly be in for bursaries or scholarhips to help out!