Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Well,another day has gotten away from me without a decent posting. I spent the day with DH again, joining him in his travels and it looks like I will be doing so again tomorrow, so it will be tomorrow night or Friday morning before I can post my photos and do a decent blog entry.

Today was a gorgeous sunny day and we were on the road at 9am....we had lunch out again (nice treat) and were back by late afternoon, but then it was running around with the kids.

Tomorrow is yet another part of the province and probably another lunch out...poor me...LOL....believe me, I am enjoying that part!!

Gina, if you are reading this....I read your post (meme) about PEI...LOL.....I am a true traveller and I enjoy my ferry know where this originated from...DH on the other hand wouldn't even travel to PEI until 3 years ago when I practically dragged him there.....we've been there several times since, but he will only take the bridge...I'm beginning to wonder if he has a problem with the Ferry! Anyway, we are going there for the day on Mother's Day and I am so excited...!!! What better way to spend Mother's Day!! I'm actually hoping to locate these two prints for our bedroom...I have a few of Catherine Karnes Munn prints and if I can locate these two while we are in PEI I will treat myself to them.

Have a good evening everyone! I am off to watch Idol and see Jason voted off......



Colleen said...

Ahhh... isn't it nice to have someone else cook once in a while? So glad you're enjoying a bit of R&R.

The prints you posted about are lovely. Is that lupine I see? We have loads of it here in Maine and I have to say that I love seeing it everywhere.

Can't wait to read more about your adventures, Marion...Happy travels!

She Who Makes Waves said...

I didn't realize you were into Catherine Karnes Munn also! I have two of hers hanging on the wall in my country theme bedroom!

Simply Heart And Home said...


You are the traveler aren't you! I haven't taken a ferry in a long long time. When I do go to PEI, I will not take the bridge!!! Please blow a kiss to all things Anne on the Island for me.


lfreeman said...

I have two autographed Catherine Karnes Munn Paintings. One is "Swinging in the Breeze" and the other is "Down the Lane" does anyone know if these paintings are worth anything?