Sunday, May 25, 2008


Okay, I am giving myself lots of time for this project...but it is a VERY special one, and I want to do it the best way possible....
My oldest daughter is graduating high school next for some time now I have been thinking about what I want to do...I want to give her a scrapbook of all her school I would LOVE opinions from all you readers and fellow bloggers as to how I will do this...
It goes without saying that I will get all her school photos and the class photos which stop at grade 6......what I want to know is what SHOULD I add after that and what should I leave out? I want this to be classy and not overwhelming....opinions on:
1. should I add a few photos of her girlfriends and her?
2. should I add any schoolwork?
3. Should I include fieldtrips?
4. Please give me your thoughts on what should/should not be in this book.
Please help me make this a wonderful gift for my will be a surprise for her.
Thanks, and I look forward to lots of comments!


Nikki said...

Hi Marion....You left a nice comment on my Stitching Blog; and yes, you probably know me from the 123 Stitch board, my user name there is manikki
I loved looking at your blog too. I have yet to make it up to PEI yet, but one of these days. My grown son, and my daughter and her family have gone. It is so beautiful there. I am not far away, in Maine. Take care.


Melyssa R. said...

I would definitely add in any photos of activities she participated in such as sports, clubs, music, big field trips, prom or dances, etc as well as any photos of her with her closest friends. For myself I wouldn't be that into schoolwork unless it was a special project or something artistic like artwork, poetry, or something like that. And how about a photo somewhere of her school, perhaps on the intro page or towards the front. Also maybe a page that tells all the things that were #1 or popular the year she graduates although you'd have to do that later or last minute so not sure it'd work...but I know for me it's fun to look back and see what songs were popular that year and tv shows, movies, etc.

She Who Makes Waves said...

Good Morning,

What a special gift for your daughter! In my opinion, I would say YES to having a page or even double page about friends. I have a page of stickers with sayings about friends. You could use sayings like these:

Friends through thick and thin!
Friendship is a gift!
Glad to have a friend like you!
Friends are like flowers they make the world a beautiful place!

Friends have probably come in and out of her life, some stay around forever, but this is a way for her to look back and remember them all.

My vote is YES on a friends page!

What about a page with her and her grandparents?

What about a Christmas Page or a Hallowe'en Page with her in her different costumes over the years!

Colleen said...

I would definitely add some special school moments and pictures of friends. Think of the memories! Do you have any cards or hand prints from when she was little? A special barrette she wore or something like that. There are so many possibilities! I can't wait to see it when you're done, Marion!

Katy said...

I think you should do a little of each...a few pics of friends here and there...maybe some schoolwork that she aced...sports stuff if she was involved in that....I think this sounds like a GREAT project Marion!!!!

Katy said...

OH~ and i wanted to say...the song "its your love" by tim mcgraw...on your playlist made me smile. That was the song chris and I danced to at our wedding reception!!!<3

Simply Heart And Home said...


I don't think you could go wrong in any way that you do it! All of them are wonderful ideas! :)