Monday, May 12, 2008


So, hope everyone had a great Mother's Day! I did....even though my origional plan of going to PEI for the day got squished. (Next weekend we hope to go either Saturday or Sunday)....just before noon, DD#2, DS, and DH and I headed out for a drive...we went around a bit of the coast, just outside the city...beautiful drive....gorgeous homes.....great scenery....however, it was SO windy and rainy that I really couldn't take photos...except when we drove up to one of the lighthouses...dispite the horrible weather, I did snap a couple of photos, which I will share with you.

After the drive we went out to a late lunch/early supper and then DH stopped at Dairy Queen for treats to take home. Oldest DD surprised us by coming home early from work...she got someone to cover the last couple of hours of her swim classes and came home to spend time with us!! That was a nice surprise!!

Today I am overloaded with laundry!!! Since I was on the road with DH a few days last week and the weather wasn't nice to hang any laundry oh man, I'll be here until Christmas working on it! LOL....that's my project for get it under control.

I also want to get caught up on some other household chores that got by the wayside in the past few just never ends! LOL

Take care everyone...happy Monday......and I'll take those prim photos today as later or tomorrow.

Here is what I woke to!!! Snow!! It was melted by late in the morning, but still!!

This was when we parked up by the lighthouse...I opened the car door to take this photo. The
wind and rain was incredible. That line that you see in the photo is part of a light system for the lighthouse.

This is just another shot taken at the same place...if you look closely on the right of that power box, you will faintly see hoomes built right on the rocks, on the side of the coastline! These are gorgeous homes, but on a day like thanks!!

Here is a photo of the lighthouse as we were drivig away. I could not get a better photo with the wind and the rain. Still pretty cool though.


Simply Heart And Home said...


Snow! Oh gosh! Is this unusual for this time of year? I hope it warms up for you trip to PEI this weekend!

The pictures of the waves are gorgeous!

Have a lovely day


She Who Makes Waves said...

Ooohh! I love the ocean no matter what it looks like! What I would give to see a real live true ocean wave right now!

Wendy said...

Oh you poor thing snow on Mothers Day!!! Glad it didn't dampen your spirits!! I love light houses and the ocean!When we go to Maine I love looking at the light houses!! Happy Mothers Day to you and have a great day!!~Wendy

Colleen said...

Glad to hear you had a good Mother's Day -- snow and all!!!

Laundry and chore catch up are big on my "to do" list this week as well :)