Friday, May 9, 2008


I had origionally hoped for a post yesterday and the one I was going to post today will have to wait. I have been feeling really "blah" the past couple of days. I am thinking that alot of why I feel this way is because of what this weekend is. Mother's Day. This is the second Mother's Day without my mom. I miss her greatly..and my dad as well, who would have been 93 this coming Monday. My mom and dad married later in life and had me even later in their life. I grew up in a very loving home and knew how much I was loved.

My mom had quite a personality. Even when alzheimers was taking over her, her personality was really quite remarkable. She had a fantastic sense of humor, and one of the greatest joys of her life was her grandchildren. My children have wonderful memories of both my parents and for that, I am very thankful.

My dad was a quiet, strong know him was to like him. He was a gentle soul. When he passed away rather suddenly, my mom's world fell apart, she died 19 months later.

Love you both mom and dad....miss you very much...but you will always be with me in my heart.

Have a good evening everyone.


Anonymous said...

Marion...BIG HUGS!

Move over on that couch as I'm right there with you. I have been irriated at the Mother's Day commercials this year. Then I realized it's because I can't share Mother's Day with my Mom. My first Mother's Day without her.

I really miss her. It's been 3 months today since she passed away. It hasn't gotten any easier yet.

Hugs from one lonely daughter to another.

Simply Heart And Home said...


What a lovely tribute to your mother and father. I hope that your Mother's Day is filled with wonderful and precious memories of your dear mother.


Colleen said...

Oh, Marion -- What a wonderful testament you are to the love your parents shared and had for you. Your post was very touching and I'm so glad that you and your children have such fond memories of your mom and dad. I hope you'll find comfort in your children's affection tomorrow.

Happy Mother's Day!