Monday, May 19, 2008


The land of "Anne" yesterday DH, DS and youngest DD and I went to PEI for the day....this was a belated Mother's Day gift...something I wanted to I absolutely love this "Land of Anne". It's a good hike for a day......almost 3 hours each way.......but so worth it.

You can see the span of the bridge off in the distance in this photo.
We took the bridge...which is the longest bridge in the world, over water that becomes ice-covered in the winter, it's 12.9 kilometers across..and it is breath-taking to see and go across.....
We are on the bridge in the photo below...

Once on the Island, we stopped at Gateway Village, however most of the shops had not opened yet for the summer....DD managed to obtain 2 buy one, get one free! LOL

DS got his stash of Raspberry Cordial...he really likes this stuff. After that we headed to the PEI Preserve place and bought some tea and jams....back to Gateway Village for a Cows Ice cream and headed home...all in all, a great day!!

I could not resist the photo below.....this is what I saw when I looked in the back seat! Both were wearing seatbelts, not to worry...LOL...they were just exhausted! DD's head is below DS's arm!!Have a great Monday everyone!!


Colleen said...

What a special day! I love the last photo of your sleeping sweeties :)

She Who Makes Waves said...

Day trips to PEI are always special! I remember them fondly. What a nice Mother's Day treat!

Katy said...

How absolutely wonderful!!!! What a great day! :) I am soo glad you got to go!!! I would love to go and visit there someday!!! :)