Wednesday, May 14, 2008


It's been a LONG week so far......I can't seem to get the time to go downstairs to the main computer and upload my photos, among other things I need to get done.

Twice this week so far I have been to the Dr with a child. Tomorrow morning I will be at in line at 7am for x-rays for my son and my youngest...nothing serious....just things that need to be taken care of. Today oldest was at Dr because she has tonsilitis (sp) she's home from school and sleeping at the moment. All of this running around has really changed what I had planned to do this week...but it can't be helped.

Youngest DD has gone on a field trip today...this was a trip that has been post-phoned twice so far because of unexpected snow today is absolutely gorgeous for the trip...she won't be back until supper time. They have gone to a turn of the century working farm! The kids will have a ball! Daughter has signed up for doing school work and farm chores from that era. I wish I could have gone on this trip, but there were so many volunteers that they randomly picked a few parents. I'm fortunate...I've done most of the field trips that the kids have been on....I'm thankful for that...they've been alot of fun!

DS goes on a two night/three day trip next week. They go to a camp not far from here and learn all about nature and how certain foods come to be....etc...they will be hiking, working in the kitchen, doing chores, etc....they are really looking forward to it. It's a very beneficial trip.

Well, I am still in hopes of uploading some photos today, but for now I must go tackle the laundry...cannot miss a day that I hang my laundry outside! Love it!!

Have a great day everyone!! I have been by to read my favourite blogs and usually try to leave a comment.



Colleen said...

You're certainly one busy mom this week! Hope you'll be able to find a few minutes for yourself :)

Take care, Marion!

Simply Heart And Home said...

I hope your children are on the mend soon. Bless their hearts!

That field trip sounds intriguing. I'd love to visit some place like that.