Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I love a bargain...I love to search thrift stores, yard sales, etc....the saying is true...."One person's junk is another person's treasure".
A couple of weeks ago I found this "brick" and stand at a yard sale. I had wanted one of these for a while and had just never gotten around to buying one, so was thrilled to find this "treasure". I have it on the ledge behind the wood stove in the family room.
A couple of years ago I was VERY fortunate to find this Longaberger basket at my favourite local thrift store. I have this displayed on the ledge as you go upstairs to our main floor from the family room.

This is my last "treasure" to show you today. I recently found these two photo frames....they are metal and quite heavy. I'm not sure what photos I will put in them, but I could not resist them!!

These photos aren't thrift store finds, but they are the "prim" things I bought a couple of weeks ago at a really nice store I happened upon. The tin heart is displayed next to my grandparents photo, in the stairway, the tin star is on the other side of the stairway, and the "family" sign is in the window in the family room...enjoy...have a great day everyone!!


Colleen said...

Aren't treasures so much fun? I especially like the "family" sign. So cute!

Hope you're having a great week, Marion :)

Wendy said...

Those are some great treasures!!! I love finding Treasures!!! I'm hoping this weekend I'll find a few as the outdoor flea markets are supposed to open!!! Have a great Friday!!~Wendy

Primgal55 said...

Thanks for stopping by! I will be back often to read about your part of the world! hugs, Linda

Katy said...

Great pics Marion!!! :) I love your basket!!! I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend! xoxo

Dianne said...


Thanks for sharing your treasures, I enjoyed looking at them and can see why they were meaningful to you!

Hope your are enjoying your weekend!