Monday, January 26, 2009


Pendelfins! You are probably saying "what?" Pendelfin collection...yes, I know, they are just "material things"...but they really make me smile when I look at them! :) I started this collection quite by accident back in 1974. My friend and I went for a weekend trip to visit her sister at university. We went shopping in the small downtown area...and I picked up this little dog ornament named "Tammy" to bring home to my mom. I paid $6.00 for it. About a year later I bought her a bunny ornament for Mother's Day, or some such occasion...and it was made by the same company..."Pendelfin". Soon these bunnies (and two dogs) were in most jewellery stores....I ended up getting one from my cousin for a gift, my mom gave me the ones I gave her..and the rest is history. Over the years....mostly in the 1980's...I got them from my mom, my aunt, my room-mate at the time, and then I met Larry in 1986. For Christmas that year he bought me one of the plates, this stand,

and a couple of bunnies. By now, they were not so readily available in the stores, and their cost was significantly higher than when I started collecting them. I have kept a list of where and when I got each bunny. Anyway, also in 1986, sadly there was a fire at the plant in England and they lost alot of the molds....the factory was rebuilt, but the bunnies had a different look, and ofcourse all the older ones were retired. In 2005, so I've heard, the bunnies has ceased production.

The cabinet they are in is actually now too small for them, however, they will stay where they are.....Larry bought the cabinet for me for this reason, a few months after we were married.
We didn't really have the money at the time, but he saw it on sale and bought it.

I honestly don't know why, but they just make me many years, so many people helping me in the collection.....I even have cross-stitch pieces of them!! Of all the collection, this is my favourite bunny...Larry gave it to me many years ago.

Thanks for looking at my post today.



Kathy said...

Those bunnies are simply adorable! I can see why they make you smile. They had that eeffect on me looking at the photos!

Leslie said...

They're really cute and you have quite the collection. I never heard of them before.

Have a great day :)


Sandy said...

They are just too cute. I'd never heard of them either.

And collections are just that. Whatever makes you smile is good for you. I love them all.

Simply Heart And Home said...

SOOOOO cute, Marion! I love their little faces.

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Alexandra said...

They are precious! They represent sweetness! They make me smile too!

As for when and where you started collecting them is making me smile too!