Tuesday, January 6, 2009

DAY 2 of Schedules....

Well, the kids made out just fine yesterday, being back in the swing of things. I guess we are all back into the routine now.

I am just about to get ready to head on over to my cousin's today for Blanket Club. Our other cousin has gone to Florida for the winter, so it's just the two of us for a couple of months. That's okay..although I am wishing I was in Florida with my other cousin! LOL

I have to say, miracles do happen!! We got our son a clock radio/alarm clock for Christmas....I wanted to get it for him in the hopes that it would help him wake up in the morning...he was unbelievable to wake up! Once up he took no time to shower and get ready, but it was impossible to get him up! He set up the alarm just after Christmas, and has been getting up with it each day!!!! Today he was up and in the shower before the other two! He said he really likes the clock radio and waking up to the music! Yippee! This is a big thing for him and for our household.

Well bloggers...must hit the road........take care...have a wonderfully productive day in your area of the world!



Simply Heart And Home said...

Hello dear friend! Hooray for your son and his alarm clock. I'm sure it makes life much easier. :)


Sandy said...

I guess you are very happy about that alarm clock. LOL

Blanket Club sounds like fun. And FL Winter weather is a lot warmer and sunnier than yours there. I'm sure the people in FL would love to see some snow though. LOL Not that much of it....

Love the new photos of your children, great ones.

I hope you have a great week.