Thursday, January 8, 2009


A slightly random post today.

We had an ice storm last freezing rain for several hours...however it has warmed up considerably overnight, so the roads really aren't a problem. Good thing...I have to pick up youngest at school today as she starts back to piano. Her piano teacher was sick before Christmas, so it has been at least a month. I do have to say...I'm liking this teacher (new to us in Sept). She teaches in her an older mom like me with two young daughters she home schools....and she started Sara on Christmas Caroles back in the first part of November. Sara has played almost every day since! I am going to ask the teacher if she can throw a Christmas Carole into the mix occasionally even though it is off season. Even the teacher noticed how Sara took to those! She's doing fantastically!

There is a possibility that our school bus drivers may go on strike the end of this month! I sure hope this doesn't happen! It really wouldn't be a problem for youngest...her school is in the community and we can drive her and pick her up without too much oldest will have early graduation by then (yes, through high school early) and my son will need a drive to school...that's where the problem is....the high school is much further....I fear I'd be on the road all day!! (With the driving and pickup of the two of them)....hoping we can work something out with commuting to the high school....actually I hope this doesn't happen at all!!

I am going to stop doing housework early today...I have a couple of hours before I pick up Sara, so I think I will have some lunch and stitch for a while. I am in need of ME time today....just feeling a bit stressed.

Have a wonderful day everyone!



mumzy said...

Hi Marion,
We are back from Moncton and hopefully back home for a while. I did see on the news where your school bus drivers are talking strike. What a pain in the butt that would be. Hopefully, an agreement will be reached before that happens. Have a great ME time.

saras said...

I'm needing me time too! Unfortunately, I"m not gonna get it! I still have to clean the kitchen and dust. Course I had to make a quick stop to check the blogs! But if I work all day today, I can play all day tomorrow, right? Isn't that how it works?