Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Joining up with Leslie today.

Not too much going on around here today. I am not feeling 100%. I have been fighting off a cold and am battling a headache, so today I will be staying nice and cozy inside. Homemade pizza and marble cake for supper....just waiting to ice the cake when it cools.

Laundry to do...I will NEVER get caught up!!!

My partner in crime for the day....LOL

This was the moon, taken in our backyard on Monday night...pretty

And we picked up the game Parchessi on the weekend at Wal-mart. DH and our youngest and I have played it a few times...but Sara and I got it out last night and the two of us played it while we enjoyed hot chocolate.

I have to show this.....the one thing Sara wanted for Christmas was Elmo Alive. Yes, technically she is way too old for Elmo, but she loves him. I thought about whether or not to get this for her and decided I would....she's only a young girl once and if I didn't get it for her, I would later regret she has been enjoying him since Christmas. This things NEVER stops talking!! It's like having a conversation with a person......LOL

Anyway, in a bit I am going to grab a tylenol, my stitching (bunnies today) and try and get ride of this headache before the kids get home.

Have a great day everyone!!



Bobbi Jo said...

I found your sweet blog through Leslie at My Country Home.
I hope you are doing better today.
I am enjoying your blog!
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Kathy A. said...

Boy, that cold bug seems to be travelling around the country. Stay warm and hope you feel better soon.
Love those bunnies

Heather's Stitches said...

Hope your feeling better, I adore that bunny cross-stitch your doing!


Shelleen said...

I hope that your headache goes away. I also love Elmo, his laugh is contagious LOL

mumzy said...

I showed the marble cake picture to DH and now I may just have to bake one for him.
My MIL got Tickle Me Elmo last year for Christmas and she still loves to get him out and laugh with him. They are funny.
The bunnies stitching is just sweet.

Wendy said...

Marion I hope you are feeling better!:0) And the homemade pizza sounds yummy and that cake looks so delish!!! Take care of yourself!~Wendy

Leslie said...

Hope you're feeling better. Love the bunnies!


Simply Heart And Home said...


That cake looks delicious! What flavor icing did you use?

I don't think I've ever played Parchisi. Isn't that strange?

Have a lovely weekend,


Nen said...

you have lots of patience to do that stitching! i'm sure it will look GREAT when its finished!!

Simply Heart And Home said...

Happy Sunday to you, Marion!


Christine said...

Just found your blog and had to smile about the Elmo :o) Who cares if she is 'too old'? lol She loves it and that is all that matters! 2 years ago, my sis asked what she could get my boys for Christmas (ages 11,9,and 4 at the time). I asked her to get them gift cards for Build a Bear, b/c we had never been there. The older two were not THRILLED, but they enjoyed it (dressed theirs in Army and Basketball outfits), and I just wanted them to have the experience of it- or I would have always regretted not taking them every time I saw a commercial for it!