Wednesday, January 7, 2009


and another storm!!!

I stayed at home today and am working on a few things. First of all, thanks to Leslie ....I read your blog early this morning...and I had planned on making homespun curtains for my hall, but decided to line mine so they will not fade...and to make them thank you for telling me about your curtains!!! I won't start mine until I get some white fabric for the back...the sheet is a great idea as well!!

Okay, I started this scarf on Monday with some yarn I've had for a couple of years...I found the pattern for this scarf and this type of yarn on the web...I like how it turned out and have two more balls of this yarn, so will make another. I plan on giving one scarf to my SIL for her Birthday on Christmas Eve...yes, I did say Christmas Eve....I have been in the mood to do some shopping and planning for this coming Christmas...and I figure while in the it! We have 3 family Birthday's around Christmas as well, so the more I get planned and done early, the less stress several months from now. Speaking of yarn and patterns, Katy, I know you are still knitting and I found yet another pattern for you, I am terrible about getting them mailed out!! I will...I have not forgotten.....and you shall have them soon...I promise!!!

Not sure why there is that weird colour at the end of the scarf!

Other things I am working on.....I started this Santa on New Year's Eve...I really like working on him and when done, he will hang in our dining room/TV room year round. The girls picked out this pattern for me to stitch.

This is the cross-stitch my youngest gave me for Christmas...when these bunnies are done, I will frame it and give it to her. Wasn't she thoughtful to find this kit at her school shopping spree before Christmas? (It gives the kids a safe way to shop without parents for the Holidays, should they decide they want to participate).

And now on to the weather, which is a big topic around these parts...seems like we go one day...maybe two if lucky without a storm.....tonight we are supposed to get ice pellets...oh yeah...LOL...right now it is snowing.....they are saying up to six hours of freezing rain and ice pellets!!

Anyway, I plan on staying safe and warm inside tonight with some hot chocolate...take care....

Enjoy what is left of your Wednesday.



Kathy A. said...

My goodness girl. Yuo will certainly be glad to see the end of this winter! Im working on a can of paint. Painted grandson's bedroom yesterday and the grownups bathroom today - that's my working on Wednesday!

Leslie said...

First off I think blogger is acting up right now because I'm only seeing a few of your photos in your post. But the same thing happened to me in others and my own. I was looking for an old post and apparently deleted a photo so I was going to locate it in Picasa and put it back or upload again and Picasa will not load my albums. It gets hung up. Maybe later...

Anyway, I'm happy that I saved you the heartache of making new curtains and having the sun fade them. LOL

The scarf is very pretty. I told myself to start Christmas earlier this year...but I don't know that I'll start it now! LOL

Have a great night :)


Sandy said...

I love the color of your scarf. So pretty.

The Santa is so pretty too, how sweet that your girls picked it out for you to stitch. Love the bunnies too.

I hope Spring comes to you soon so you can warm up and get outdoors.

Rachel said...

Could you share the pattern name and designer for the Santa? He looks like a wonderful stitchy project.

Neabear said...

Wow! You have several projects on your plate. Hope you get them all done as you wish and on to more probably! Happy Wednesday!