Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Whatcha working on Wednesday...

Okay, so it's evening, but better late than never!! I'm hooking up with Leslie again....

Here is the 3rd window topper I made. This one is for my front door, and is made a bit differently, but I am liking it! I have window decals of snowmen and snowflakes on the windows as well, they don't show up in the photos.

It's a busy week. I'm trying to work on my blanket for another friend, and also finish up my Christmas shopping. I have nothing wrapped...(usually I do!)

I want to also thank Sandy, I received this wonderful cross-stitch kit and two wonderful cards from her today. She had a giveaway on her blog and I won!! Thank you Sandy, I value your friendship!

I've been trying to get my decorating done...this tree was made by my aunt about 30 years ago. I really like it. The other photos are just random. I'll take some more tomorrow.

Have a good evening everyone!



Alexandra said...

Your window toppers look so nice as do the other decorations you shared with us in your post.

I am starting to get in the Christmas spirit and thank you to you!

Lucky you on being the winner in the give-a-way!

Colleen said...

What sweet little valances, Marion. I'm such a sucker for snowmen!

I hope you're getting things done and enjoying all of the preparing and decorating. Christmas seems like it's just around the corner this year!

mumzy said...

Your window topper is so nice and Christmassy. I can't believe you have your shopping all done. I have not started, usually I am closed to finish by now. With everything going on here this year, I don't know when and what is going to get done.

Nice give-a-way, lucky you! Have a great day tomorrow.

Hugs from a neighbouring province!

Leslie said...

I have one of those trees. My Gram bought it at a yard sale. I always admired hers and she gave me one of my own...however it was like an olive green...blech. I repainted it but haven't had it out of the closet in the last two years. I just don't know where to put it that it doesn't get knocked over or the kids don't steal the doves off of it. Most of my lights are like regular light bulbs but there are three birds and they love them! LOL

Have a great day :)


Sandy said...

So glad it arrived safely. Enjoy. :D