Friday, December 19, 2008

Pass the tylenol please!! may remember that several weeks ago I did a post about how my girls were going to have a party....well, my oldest decided that since she is working so many hours and busy with school, plus she turns 18 over Christmas vacation, that she would rather have a few friends in later (after Christmas) we decided to let youngest invite a few friends for a party after school...thankfully 3 of the 10 invited couldn't come (oops did I say that...LOL)....and two of the 4 invited to sleep over couldn' I ended up with 8 (counting mine) 11 year old girls getting off the bus at 2:45.
I know they all had a good time....but girl laughed like a hyena (sp) the whole time.....and thought that there wasn't much food (I'm beginning to wonder what she eats at home! LOL)...the "not much" food...was a fruit tray with 4 kinds of fruit, a big bowl of chips, two kinds of drinks....a big platter of mozerella sticks, a big platter of mini pizzas, and a big platter of nachos!! (I thought that was pretty good, considering pick up time was 6:30)....and homemade cupcakes for dessert! Another girl left 45 minutes early because she couldn't stand to be in the same house as her ex-best friend. (see where I'm going with this!!)....all in all it was a great time for the girls, but it's just amazing how these girls act sometimes! I KNOW they would not do this at home, so why would they do this when they aren't at home?

I did favours for the girls to take home, and we had a Dollar Store gift exchange (I just found out that the girl that went home early took her present and the present of one of the girls staying all night! (I'll have to dig out the stocking stuffers I have and find her a gift later).

Anyway, here are some photos of the cupcakes I made (in a shape of a tree), the party favours ( two candy canes, a Christmas straw and a Christmas pencil) and a container of candy canes...we had them guess how many Candy Canes in the jar.

Also, a photo of my tree. (It looks small, but it isn`t...really!)

Have a great night everyone....



Katie said...

Oh wow, you've been busy. You're tree looks very pretty :)

Simply Heart And Home said...


What a night! I think I'd need a bottle of Tylenol if I were you. I think you had plenty of delicious food and your cupcakes are so cute (and yummy looking!). I hope you have some time off today by yourself to do as you wish!


Sandy said...

How sweet of you to host all those little "wonderful" children. Not enough food? HA. Did you explain that we're in a recession and you weren't running a resturant? LOL And wow the girl took here gift and another one. Oh man....

I think you need a lot more than a Tylenol. LOL I hope today is much better and much quieter

Alexandra said...

Holy! I don't think I could have handled that! You put together a wonderful time for the girls.

Colleen said...

You're a brave woman, Marion!!! I'm glad you survived ... and I hope you're looking forward to quiter celebrations this week.

Merry Christmas!

mumzy said...

Marion, I really feel for you having that many 11 year olds in the house all at once. Sounds to me like you had more than enough food than you needed. The cupcakes looked very nice. Hope you found the tylenols.LOL

By the way, Cathey, my daughter, found out that her husband is being posted in Liverpool in March. Don't know how close you will be to her.

Since I am going to be away until after Christmas, I want to wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Holiday Season.