Monday, December 22, 2008


Nova Scotia got hit with a major storm last night/today...with snow, and hurricane force winds....we lost power this morning, thankfully we have a generator, however, our main source of heat when the power is out (only source actually) is our pellet stove and we are unable to get pellets this year!! We have ONE bag left from last winter that is sitting by the stove in case we need it.....our power was off for a few hours, and then came back on, so the house warmed up...then it went off and is still off. We are expected to get power back my midnight. Some parts of the province may not get it back until tomorrow night. If there is one thing I am forever thankful's our generator! We had it installed when I sold my parents home, and it will last a couple of weeks! It's wonderful!!

Tonight I plan on sitting in my stitching chair, with my heating pad for heat...LOL and stitch the evening away. DH has to go pick up our daughter at 11pm at work. Her boyfriend came an picked her up earlier today and drove in. Speaking of boyfriend...I gave him his present from DH and I on Saturday night, as he is leaving tomorrow to spend Christmas with his grandparents....and parents ofcourse.....anyway, I had made him one of my blankets and was truly touched by how much he loved it!! It's nice when a handmade gift is genuinely appreciated. I did not take a photo of him with the blanket, wish I did!!

Take care...stay warm........and will post again tomorrow when I hope the house is a bit warmer!!



Alexandra said...

Winter came in like a lion here too in Calgary! So glad you have that generator! Stay warm!

Sandy said...

Oh gosh. I hope you get heat back soon. We also have a generator, it's natural gas powered to power our entire house. We got it after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. That was a nightmare. It has come in handy quite a few times.

I hope you stay safe and warm with at least the heating pad.

Wendy said...

I saw the news reports of the storm that hit you - and my thoughts are with all those without electricity! Stay safe...and warm!! And have a very Merry Christmas.

Simply Heart And Home said...


I will send you warm thoughts to help you keep warm. It is freezing cold here too but I'm sure not as cold as where you are. I hope your power starts working again.

Homemade presents are best. You are so sweet to give your dd's boyfriend a lovely blanket that you made.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to visit again until after Christmas, I want to wish you and your dear family a wonderful Christmas.



Kathy A. said...

Oh Marion - thank goodness for that generator! Stay safe and warm with that heating pad. We did make it to Ottawa with a two hour delay.
Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a new Year filled with love and much laughter

Anonymous said...

We've been getting hard and furious for over a week now. This is the biggest snowfall (read shutting down all the towns) in something like 40 years. Now, we LOVE the snow coming from the mountains 3 years ago and we can drive in it no problem. But, those that are cityfolk don't and it's crazy!!

But, we're going to have a white Christmas and I'm pleased as punch about that! YAY!

Hugs Marion and stay warm!!