Thursday, July 31, 2008


Well, DD and I did find a couple of things...she got two new tops...which I didn't take a photo of. I do have a few more things from last week, but they are on the computer downstairs, so those photos will have to wait......I did take photos of 3 things and will show you those.

The above is two different shots of the same photo. I got this yesterday. I happened to be there when this was brought out. It probably doesn't mean anything to you unless you are from Eastern Canada....but it is a Catherine Karnes Munn....I just love her prints. This one I hung in my sewing room. I have several others of hers, some my mom gave me, that are hanging in my bedroom. I got this for $6.99...these are very hard to get now, as she is not making any new ones...they retail from $30.00 up...

This little wall plaque was 99 cents. I got her yesterday as well, and hung it in my sewing room..the thing is.....she is cross-stitching! AND she matches my sewing room. I just could not leave that there...LOL

The above is a picture I got on my venture there last week. This photo did NOT turn out very well! It is a dark red frame and the colours inside on the border are dark red and country blue.This is hanging in my stairway going down to the family room. This was new when I got it last week...never hung, as the hanger for it was still covered in plastic. The thing about this, is that when I saw it, I said to myself, this looks like something Leigh would have done...(I worked with her at the school, she moved to Florida last year) she and her mom and dad had a business of this sort and did very well....she and her mom did the tin punch...her dad and her hubby actually make the frames for them....well....when I turned it was done by her!! I just had to have looks great where I hung it.

And that is all the finds I have to show you right now. My DH has some business in the town I grew up in (100 mile drive each way) so he and I and DS will be heading out for there soon. It's a nice sunny day, so a good day for a drive.

Take care




Colleen said...

More great finds, Marion! Enjoy your trip with your husband. Can't wait to hear about it!

Wendy said...

Great finds from the thrift shop! I love thrift store shopping - you never know what treasures are waiting for you!!

Leslie said...

Great finds! That is so wonderful that you found something that was done by a friend and were able to scoop it up. :) I often find handmade items at the TS and feel I have to have them because I may not know who made them but I know as a fellow crafter how it is to put yourself in your work and have it just tossed aside. But it's great when someone who can love and cherish the item ends up with it, of course :)

Have a great trip with your hubby :)

Simply Heart And Home said...


Those prints are lovely. I've never seen anything before from that artist but I like them! :)

I truly need to find a good thrift store around here. I haven't found one yet.

Have a lovely evening with your family!