Friday, July 18, 2008


It is so hot and humid!! I have no energy and feel like the life is sucked out of me!! We had a great time on vacation for a few days, and I will share some photos with you over the next few posts!!

On a totally different topic....I am going to see Elton John in September!! I tried unsuccessfully to get tickets online this am....when they went on sale, but my cousin was trying as well and she got some!! Woohoo!! Can't wait!!

This is the view we looked at each night we were gone. I have seen this view so many times in my lifetime. I spent each of my summers here until I was that time my parents sold our cottage and over cousin and her husband bought it! It's nice to be able to go back once in a while. I also changed the header on the blog...I took this photo last's the same place as the previous photo, just that this is one I took

We settled in to our camper on the cottage property. It was actually quite cozy in there. We arrived on Friday afternoon, our family reunion was on Saturday. We had lots of fun at that, but for privacy reasons, I will not share any photos, as I do not have permission. On Sunday morning my oldest, her boyfriend, my DH and our dog returned home. My youngest DD and my son and I stayed on in the camper. We enjoyed various walks on the beach (my own little piece of is one of the best places on earth for me)

On Monday morning, my youngest and I got up early and had breakfast and headed for an early morning walk on the beach....doesn't this photo just say it all????

You can just see her walking along the shoreline in this photo....there were only a few early morning cottagers out for their morning stroll...other than that...the beach was empty.

The sun has completely come up in this photo...the beach still empty......the

And finally this photo.

I'll share some more photos and stories next post...I'm just thankful I managed to get this much done back to the heat and humidity!!

Have a nice evening everyone!



Colleen said...

Oh, wow -- what a gorgeous, gorgeous, spot for a vacation! That ocean water looks divine, Marion!!!

We are stuck in the heat and humidity here, too -- which is so odd for summertime in Maine.

Thanks for the ever-so-refreshing update :)

Simply Heart And Home said...

The water looks so crystal clear and beautiful! And that camper looks very cozy!

Thank you for sharing your pictures. :)

Stay nice and cool!


Katy said...

What beautiful pictures Marion!!! I love them!!! :) I just finished the Anne of Green Gables book and each time it mentioned the "lake of shining waters"...i thought of you! ;)
I totally hear ya on the heat and humidity...BLAH! Is it fall yet? It is my FAVORITE time of year!