Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Summer has officially arrived to my area! All the days of saying it wasn't summer like weather....have passed. The kids and I have been enjoying the pool and the deck, and going for ice cream cones in the evening.

I have also been trying to get things organized for this weekend. We are taking our tent trailer and heading to the area I grew up in...(see photo at top of blog).....we will be spending a few days at my cousins cottages (two of them)......and on Saturday we are having a family (cousins and families) reunion. We had one last year, and plan on doing so each summer. It's lots of fun. ON Sunday, my husband, our dog and our oldest daughter (who has to work) will head back here....the plan is that the two youngest and myself will stay on in the tent trailer. I want to get some long overdue visiting in.....cousins on the other side of the family and aunts......so it should be a nice time. We are also taking their bikes, as there are lots of wonderful areas to bike.
Yesterday, bright and early, I took my son and my youngest to get their hair cut. My daughter decided that she wanted bangs....like the girl on "Camp Rock". It really does look very nice on her. Then we went to Build a Bear. She had some coupons and a gift certificate and a bit of Birthday money so, she bought "Mitchie" (a name from Camp Rock...theme going here..LOL) and is thrilled! The doll is one she found in the Thrift Store...she's very cute too. I apologize for the glow in my dog's eyes.....she always seems to have "glowing" eyes!!

On Sunday I was admiring my Hostas.....a short while later, still on the back deck...I turned around AND.....UGH! Not one, not two, but THREE deer had eaten my plants!!!!!! Then they had the nerve to look at me taking their photo and seemed to be saying " Do you mind???"....They soon ran back into the woods.......I hope they enjoyed their lunch!!*&*

Today is another scorcher of a day.....I have no plans to leave the yard...I have alot I want to get done around here before it gets TOO hot.

Have a great day everyone!



Simply Heart And Home said...

Oh gosh, those silly dear! Will your dog chase them?

Summer has arrived here as well. We had some gentle summer days last week but this week - BOOM! I'm hoping the heat wave will not last too long. The days are passing though and it won't be long until autumn.

Enjoy your ice cream cones! :)


Colleen said...

Summer's heat and humidity have arrived here as well, Marion! Thank goodness for ice cream and kiddie pools!

Your weekend plans sound wonderful! Enjoy your relatives and your time away... What a gorgeous destination!

Katy said...

OH NO!!! Those deer make me laugh. My hosta have been torn apart from my chickens...so I totally feel your pain!!!

I think your daughter's bangs look really nice!! :) I was never one who could pull off bangs. :)

Stay cool this week and I hope you have a fun weekend Marion! :)

Wendy said...

Those deer sure can be a pain!! but they are beautiful! We too are having alot of heat!! I hope you all have a great time with your family!! Take care!~Wendy