Thursday, July 10, 2008


I am down to the final stages of packing. I am doing it for my youngest, my son, my DH and myself, plus the food, things we will need for the tent trailer..etc...I don't "think" I have forgotten anything. My oldest DD will do her own packing, as she really won't be there long.

I am really looking forward to the family reunion on Saturday. It is supposed to be a wonderful sunny day, so that helps. My dad's brother will be there...he is the last surviving member of that generation. He is 88, and you would think he was 60. He's amazing...but then so was my dad. We should have around 40 people there...and there will be hot dogs, hamburgers, salads, fruit and veggies and ice cream for dessert! Yum!!

I also hope to get to visit my good friend Betty. I have not seen her new trailer since she bought it and moved's about another 40 miles from where I will be staying, but the youngest two and I will make that trip probably on Sunday afternoon.

There is also a possibility of getting together with a few other friends.....and that would be just great! I see them all too little these days....

I hope to take the youngest two to a neighbouring town and tour around there (it's on the water and beautiful)...and get some lunch and maybe ice cream for dessert.

Ofcourse the kids will want to drive by my parents home. All of my children miss the town I grew up in, and my parents lived in SO much. They talk of it often, but it would have been a mistake to move there after my parents deaths. I explain to them that they have the wonderful memories BECAUSE of my parents and it would not be the same without them around. They will always have the wonderful memories of the fun times they had with my parents...I am forever grateful for that. They had fabulous grandparents.

So anyway, back to the packing....just how much "stuff" do you need for a few days??? LOL I am not a light packer...better to be safe than sorry!!

Have a great few days my friends...I will miss your blogs...but I will have the catching up on reading your posts when I return! I hope to have lots of fun stories and photos to share as well.



Colleen said...

Oh, Marion -- have a wonderful weekend!!! I am in the throes of packing as well, but I think I'm just about done. Light packing is not in my vocabulary either ... thanks to my mom :) You never know what might come in handy... especially with kids around.

Todd and I are headed to MA for our 10th anniversary "getaway." We leave tomorrow morning and we plan to stop in Kittery on our way south. My parents will have the baby for the weekend and Todd's will have Connor and Michaela.

Just a few more things to pack and then I can relax ...

I look forward to your stories and photos, my friend :) Enjoy!

Simply Heart And Home said...


Have a wonderful holiday with your family. I hope you have lovely summer weather (but not too hot!)