Monday, March 2, 2009


Yup...another storm day! This is getting so old! It is freezing rain, but supposed to turn to rain later this morning and then go really warm this afternoon...I sure hope it gets warm, I have to go out later!

I was hoping to add some photos, but when I got my camera was broken! Great start to a new week! I'm sad...I loved my camera.......I can still take photos and upload them, but when I take a photo, I can only see a tiny bit of what I am actually taking a photo of! I don't know if it just broke, or one of the kids somehow dropped the padded bag I keep it in!! I guess I'll never know.

I had a quiet Birthday yesterday....we went out on Saturday to eat as it was DH's Birthday and also because it was forecasting freezing rain and snow yesterday.

Hope everyone has a great day!!



Leslie said...

All of this snow is falling just beyond us. We have nothing here. Not even a flurry. I think I would rather get a nice big storm and be someone said yesterday, we're only one big storm away from spring!

Sorry to hear about your camera :(

Have a great day!


Sandy said...

I hope Spring comes you way really soon. This has seemed like the longest winter this year.

So sorry about your camera. I hope you get it fixed soon.

Good to hear from you. :)

Simply Heart And Home said...


Oh dear, I hope your camera can be fixed. I love to see your pictures.

And happy belated birthday. I hope it was warm and cozy! :)