Thursday, March 5, 2009

What I have been doing....

First of all, I CAN still use my camera, but it is a pain...the large screen is not accessable, so I have to look at the small view finder....
I have been busy painting. We are starting with our hallway..leading to the front door, the kids bathroom and the kids bedrooms. I am so excited and loving the colour! I still have to put a second coat on, and take off the tape, but it's looking good!

I also made this window topper for our front door. The taupe in the window topper is the same colour as the walls. I even lined this window topper, thanks to and idea from my friend Leslie.

I have a "helper" hehehe....

I'm also busy trying to stitch up "Isabella's Garden" hang on my freshly painted walls! I love this design!

I am feeling a little "off" the past few weeks, not sure why....I guess partly because my husband's job is feeling the effects of the economy, as are most businesses around here...with him, comission it's been tough. We also have our oldest going to university in the money, money, money....I know we are better off than alot, and I am so thankful for that, but we are still having a tough time.....I hope things turn around soon!!!!

On that note....have a great day my friends!



Leslie said...

The paint looks great. I so love those neutral colors...and to think a few years ago I was painting all of my walls all sorts of colors! LOL

The topper looks great on the front door :) Happy to have been able to help you. You will thank me later when it's not all faded and can't be used anymore :D

Sorry to hear that things are slow for your hubby. It's too bad that money has to be so important in life, huh? Jeremy's job isn't really feeling the crunch, but we kind of are. Things have been a little tight but I swear it's no different than it's ever been. It's always been hard on one income. I have had to learn to cut corners and get by for years now. It kills me when people with two incomes try to say they understand, because they don't. Jer and I know a couple that work two full time jobs, he DJ's on the side and she sells Mary Kay. They have one daughter, about to turn 2 and they think they're broke...My, could I teach them a thing or two! LOL

Have a great day :)


BeckySC said...

I am sorry to hear you have been feeling off. I hope you feel more like yourself soon. We are facing the same issues here with worrying over hubby's job and if it will be there tomorrow. I wish you all the best and try not to worry too much-that's coming from an insame worrier-so I know that's easier said than done-but worrying/stress can play havoc with our bodies and make us sick-I am sending good thoughts your way and hope everything works out.

Your progress looks great-amazing colors in this piece!!


Colleen said...

Looks good, Marion!

Simply Heart And Home said...

{{HUGS}} my friend!

You have been busy! I am a lousy painter but a good paint critic! :) And you have done a lovely job.

I pray that you will have a brighter week in every way.


mumzy said...

Your painting looks great. Also love that colour.

Sorry to hear about your hubby's job being slow. Fortunately for us, we are both retired even though our investments are being eroded away. We, like you, hope for a turnaround soon.

Take care!