Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Here is is March 31......spring.........yeah right! The kids are home today on yet another storm day!! I lost track of how many.....but up the road (which is another county) it is storm day #14. We are not that high, but close....it is actually storm #14 for us!

Today was going to be a great day....my cousin was travelling up to the city for the day and her, her sister and I were going to "craft" at Blanket Club....but that isn't happening. :(

Oh well, I guess I have another "stitch" day here at home!!!

Have a good one everyone!!


Carolyn NC said...

You have to hate it when plans fall by the wayside, but hope you got stitching done!

Sandy said...

I'm sorry you're having more snow. Did Mother Nature in your area just not get the memo or something? Should I mail it out again? LOL

I hope you get some stitching done or whatever you choose to do today. Tomorrow will be a better day.

mumzy said...

Hopefully, this is the end of winter. Here, we were fortunate as we just got a dusting of snow. I had to go out this morning and the road were slippery enough. By lunch time, most of the roads were bare. Hope your blanket day will be rescheduled and not cancelled.

Simply Heart And Home said...

Happy stitch day, Marion. I hope spring arrives there soon.


Wendy said...

so sorry to read that you are still having snow! It is not fun if you can't do what you have planned to do.
Hope you were able to do some stitching.