Sunday, August 17, 2008


Hello bloggers!! I've been a bit busy this past week.....excuse some of the photos, I can't seem to edit them today for some reason, so you're stuck with what they actually looked like..LOL
Anyway, last Monday the youngest two and I headed out for a night away. Oldest was working, DH and our dog stayed home.....we drove to a Super 8 Motel about two hours from here.....and I do have to say, it was a nice little break. We did this a couple of years ago at a different Super 8.
This time I booked the room which included the gift card for supper, so we had supper and our breakfast looked after, which made the decisions much easier! We stopped to shop a bit along the way, as I had promised DS that he could get his Nike runners for school...he did, he was happy.

While at the Motel, I took advantage of the Hot Tub, and DD took advantage of the water slide. DS is at that age, where he just watched....LOL....but he still enjoyed it.

Later in the week, Thursday actually, we took advantage of it not raining the entire day (what a month for rain!!) and DH, youngest DD and DS went to the zoo...this particular zoo is about 2 and 1/2 hours away, so I also took advantage of visiting the LNS (local needwork store) that is in that city....I don't hardly ever get to do this, so it's always thrilling to actually SEE everything and not just order online. I was quite good though and promised I'd only be a few minutes...I did get two charts and some threads though.......and then we were off to the zoo.

Because it has been so rainy, I have also been working on my Fairy...she's got legs now!!!!

Just a bit more stitching and the beading and she will be done!!

Have a great day everyone...sorry it took me so long to update!!




Colleen said...

What a wonderful way to recharge a bit before the back-to-school crunch begins, Marion! I hope the sun stays out for you this week. They are promising gorgeous weather here at last... I hope they're right!

Have a great week!

Simply Heart And Home said...


Your week sounds delightful. That swimming pool is huge! I can imagine how refreshing the pool and the hot tub were. :)

Your fairy is almost done! Do you know where you will put her?

Have a refreshingly wonderful week!


Leslie said...

Sounds like a fun little excursion! Jer and I often talk about going somewhere not too far away and just making it an overnight stay so we can stay at a hotel. We remember how exciting that was to us when we were kids and I'm sure the kids would love it!

Happy to hear you had a relaxing time :)

Your fairy it looking great!

Have a great day!