Saturday, August 23, 2008


Well, today I decided that I was going to accomplish something! I decided to frame some of the cross-stitch pieces I had that needed framing. I do my own framing...I absolutely love looking at professionally framed pieces, but I cannot justify that cost at the moment. The above piece is a favourite of mine....I absolutely love this is "Emma's Garden" by Lavender and lace....i think she turned out okay!

I cannot remember who designed this chart...and not sure if I even still have it! I like it though and plan on hanging it in my stairway to the family room.

This piece is a kit a bought of Charland Designs I think! It is 'Anne with and E"....and there is a sterling silver hat charm included. This is for my youngest DD. I had a few problems framing this one and it isn't completely how I want it, but I have to purchase a couple of things tomorrow.

I had wanted to frame my Halloween Fairy,who is now finished!! I have a nice frame, but still need to purchase a couple of things to complete that framing, so maybe tomorrow night I will show her.

My son is a homebody..much like myself (and my DH) and he likes to do work around the house/yard, for which he gets paid a bit. Yesterday he levelled off a piece of our backyard, hauled gravel in the wagon that attaches to our lawn mower, and today he and DH got some patio stones and a firepit! We've been wanting a fire pit for a long time, so after DS had it all set up, etc DH, our dog, DS and I went and enjoyed it! DD #1 was working late and DD#2 was at a sleepover, so we will try again tomorrow night and hopefully at least one DD will be there! LOL

Here are some photos of DS, the firepit, and DS and DH and Nallie dog around it....also, a photo of the back of our house from down at the firepit area.

Have a great night everyone!




She Who Makes Waves said...

Your cross stitch projects are beautiful!

Some day I will get back into it. I have an unfinished one in the basement of a girl collecting seashells on the beach. It's about 3/4 done. I like to think it's me at The Merb!

Marion, maybe you should come out to Calgary and finish it off for me and then help me frame it. I agree, the cost to have them professionally framed is too steep for my pocketbook these days!

I admire your needlework!

Simply Heart And Home said...


Your cross stitch is breathtaking. I love Emma's Garden. And I would never have guessed it wasn't professionally framed. You did a wonderful job.

That firepit looks inviting! :)


Wendy said...

You did a fantastic job with your own framing! I LOVE Emma's Garden and I think I would have to steal that one from you if I saw it hanging in your house! You wouldn't miss it, would you?

Katy said...

I love all your cross stitching pieces Marion!!! You do such beautiful work...and I know what you mean about the prof. framing costs! :) I hope you are having a GREAT week!

Leslie said...

What beautiful pieces of cross stitch! The first one must have taken forever but it sure is a beauty!

I like your fireplace area. I'm sure you will have many wonderful nights around it with your family!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend :)

Dani said...

I just love your stitching..just beautiful, I have an embroidery blog so come and visit glad I stopped by