Thursday, August 7, 2008


On Sunday August 17th, we are going to have our second annual corn boil and BBQ at our house. We will invite some family and friends and neighbours to our house. We will have corn, hamburgers and hot dogs, and I will make some potato salad, etc...and I was thinking maybe some chili in my slowcooker, anyway, does anyone have any other good ideas on what I can have? Some of our family our vegetarians, so I will also have to have enough for them. Is chili a good idea, or should i do something else in the slow cooker? I was thinking of a fruit tray and probably a cake for dessert...any ideas on that? I'd like some different things to I welcome input in this. Oh and I also thought I would have some rolls or homemade biscuits.
Thanks for everyones help!


saras said...

Just wanted to say hi!:)

Simply Heart And Home said...


It is late and I can't think right at the moment but I will think on it and be back with some suggestions tomorrow! :)

Good night!


Simply Heart And Home said...

After thinking on this, I do think chili would be a good idea! Were you thinking of a green salad as well? That is easy to make and something a bit lighter as well. Fresh fruit is a wonderful idea. It all sounds so good. I wish you weren't so terribly far away! :)


She Who Makes Waves said...

Can I come to your corn boil and BBQ? If only in spirit!

Katy said...

how about green bean casserole? And a salad? Maybe some pudding pie or something easy like that too???

sounds like a YUMMY time!!!! :)