Saturday, August 2, 2008


Good morning! I have been up since 4:45!! Oldest DD needed to get up at that time so that she could get ready for work, so I made sure she was up (moms always worry about thing like that, don't they?) and then I could not get back to sleep, so I just stayed up, had breakfast, did a bit of cross-stitching, browsed the newspapers online, etc.....

As I was sitting here, I wondered what I could show you today...and then I thought of it! The Tin Man! I purchased this Tin Man at a Farmers/craft Market last month. LESLIE, are you reading this???!! It is probably not that hard to make, but I knew that I would never attempt it, so I bought it. I don't think I will keep him in this little garden though, I think soon I will move him to the back yard...we'll see.

I don't know what today will bring. I had not planned on going into town, but my daughter just called and she needs something, so I will venture in there as soon as it becomes a reasonable hour of the morning to be out doing errands!

Tonight I am hoping for a BBQ. DH always does the BBQing, so that's even better!

Have a great day everyone!!
Marion (edited to add I had problems with the blog and couldn't publish the post until now)


Colleen said...

You certainly were up early this morning, Marion! I hope you've had a productive yet restful Saturday. Enjoy your evening BBQ...

Patty H. said...

That little tin man is cute!

Katy said...

WOW!!! That is really early! Hope you can rest today and relax! :)
Your tin man is cute! :)

Leslie said...

You were up early! I'm glad I didn't get up at that time because I went to bed about two hours before that! LOL I have just been staying up later and later but tonight I'm exhausted so it won't be another late night!

I have seen those tin men before. They are cute and I thought about making them but haven't. He's a cutie! Thanks for sharing!

Hope you get your rest!

Simply Heart And Home said...

My, you were up early! I hope you had time to take a nap.

Your tin man is adorable! He looks quite happy to be in your garden!