Monday, March 22, 2010

Good Monday Morning!

Greetings fellow bloggers!
Today my kids are back at school. I am a little sad that we are back into a routine...I do enjoy having them around....youngest is always going somewhere, having friends it's back to just me and the dog...LOL
My goodness!!
Saturday turned out to be as warm as summer here! We broke records on the temps! Fabulous day!!
Anyway, I think I will get some phone calls made, stitching done..."maybe" start a new Plum Street to perk my mood up.....(it's foggy, and dark, that's my excuse!) and ofcourse the ever dreaded housework!
Have a great day everyone! Pop on over to The Thread Gatherer Debbie has a great givewaway going on!!
Take care my friends


Margaret said...

Our spring break is coming up week after this so I'll have my son home for a week soon. My daughter was home for her spring break this past week though. Nice to see her for a short time. :D Enjoy having the house to yourself again.

Elaine said...

Oh it would be a real treat for me to get the house to myself. I would forgot the housework and phone calls and just put my feet up and stitch , stitch, stitch.

Carolyn NC said...

Ahh - but the end of spring break means summer is coming soon!

Nen said...

thanks for the comment on my blog. i was totally embarrassed the whole time i was at that shower... but i've been getting nice comments that have been encouraging!

i hope our temperatures turn out to be as nice as yours have been!!