Friday, December 11, 2009

Thank You Everyone!

I am touched at the kindness of fellow Bloggers! I appreciate all your good thoughts and prayers! Sara, I may just send you an email this weekend...hope you don't mind!

Sandy, you're right! I need to take a deep breath, what doesn't get done...doesn' isn't the end of the world! I have the tree up, now decorated....a few other decorations up...that's it. I will do a couple of necessary Christmas cards to people that look forward to them, but I doubt I will get the rest done this year.....that's okay though.

To everyone else...thank you! You are wonderful ladies!

DH is taking today off and he and I are heading out later this morning to finish up a few things....I am looking forward to his company and we will have lunch out.

Take care...hopefully I will get a few photos posted over the weekend.


Sandy said...

So glad you're feeling a little better. Still thinking about you.

mumzy said...

Hope you had a wonderful time with your Hubby. One needs to take some time for each other once in a while. I would not worry about getting everything done - this must be a year for not getting everything done as I don't even have my tree up yet. Cathey being in NS and not making it home this year doesn't seem to be as much fun for Christmas, although my MIL will be here for Christmas.

Take care and we will still keep you in our prayers.