Sunday, November 1, 2009

November I be thinking so much?

Good morning everyone...and Happy November 1st!

It's been a busy and typical week here in my household. I got a bit of stitching done...I did not finish Creepy Crawly and will keep it in my sewing basket..(still love the design, but black on black is very hard on these eyes!!.....I'm getting there though, skeleton is done! ).....I have to move on to making a couple of little things for Christmas.

I've been in one of those moods were I contemplate life. I hate feeling like this! Short history...I do not work outside the home. I have not (except for a 3 year stint as lunch monitor at the school) worked fulltime since 1999. I and many of my workmates were offered buyout packages at the company we worked for. I took it...I was the 3rd person to sign up for it...the second person was Sidney Crosby's mom for any of you Hockey fans.....anyway, I had 20 years with that company.....long drives and hours....little time seeing my children...etc....I was estatic at the prospect of being a stay at home mom...and I have never regretted that. Fast forward to kids are almost 19, almost 16 and 12 1/2. They are not little anymore. The problem is....I still enjoy being a stay at home mom. There are still places to drive them, appts....friends over..etc...and we still live WAY out in the country and I do not handle the winter driving part no, I don't want a fulltime job. I feel guilty....I feel like I should be doing more...or should I? I go through feelings like this periodically. Another problem is, I am not a young stay at home mom. I had all my kids in my 30's, so while I am not completely OLD at the ripe age of 51, my kids are still fairly young. I guess I can look at it this way...I had 20 years fulltime for the same company....BEFORE my kids were very old....oh I don't know...I am rambling....the thought of working part time in Wal-mart or somewhere makes me gag....maybe I just need to go for a long walk and clear my head! LOL.....if you are still reading this....god bless!
On the Halloween front.....I had a vampire (minus the vampire teeth) going to a party last night...and a "Canada's new top model gone vampireish" and her friend who is going as a guy....

My son (who I don't have photos of) went to a "Haunted Yard" the was spectacular by the way. I just realized that my older vampire is on my other camera, so I'll have to dig that out and post later...sorry.
Anyway, fellow bloggers...thanks for listening!....This too shall pass......



Kathy A. said...

Happy November to you too Marion. You certainly have been contemplating on life lately. I will give you my favorite piece of advice "Sit down and stitch till the feeling goes away" Enjoy your at home life. I love every minute of it and I retired at 48.

mumzy said...

I am wishing you a Happy November. The idea of going for a walk to clear your head is a good one, especially this time of the year. I retired at age 54 and have not regretted it for a minute. There are days when I feel kind of blah but then I look at the beautiful view I have of our lake and thank God for having so much - I don't mean money either! Chin up, things always have a way of getting better.

Alexandra said...

Happy November 1st to you! Is this what they call the empty nest feeling? You have raised them to this point (like I said many times I don't know how you Mothers do this)and now you have more free time and I always thought when it got to this point was when you are suppose to do things for yourself that are fun!

Nen said...

Some days I feel guilty for staying at home... but I think it is such a blessing when you look at the whole picture! I don't have any kids... so I can't really relate on that level... but I'm sure your kids are glad that you are there for them! Sometimes it's the little things that mean the most! And you never get that time back! I am so glad my mom was there for me growing up! She was self-employed while I was in High School... but just the fact that she was around... she has become more of a friend than a mom--and I wouldn't want it any other way!

I hope you had that good walk!