Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Little This, A Little That...

Today is a gorgeous day....any day that isn't raining here this summer is gorgeous!! LOL
I am trying to get things organized for a two day vacation this week...can't wait!! The entire family will be going!
I have a few photos that I would like to show you.....first off.....I did a shadow box in memory of my grandparents...I had a few things that were momentos of them, and being the youngest grandchild.....and my mom being the youngest child of theirs...let me say, these things are old!! I was named after my grandmother, so it is even more special to have these things! I didn't know my grandfather...he passed away before I was born.....

Okay, in the frame (which is like a little cabinet (opens on the side) a post card my grandmother sent to my grandfather in 1945...she was away on a little vacation to Boston....a key to their barn, a photo of my grandmother and grandfather around the time they got married...(1908)....a photo of their oldest child....who would be 101 now......a tin photo of my grandmother, which was given to me years, and years ago...she was about it would be about 119 years old....and a tin photo of my grandfather's two brothers when they were little boys...well over 100 years old!! And, a gold bracelet/locket of my grandmother's......with her name engraved on it...and what looks like teeth marks in it!....LOL...I envision her wearing it and her kids (8 of them) chewing on it when she is rocking them or something.....will never know actually how those marks got there....but...still...... I absolutely love looking at this in my dining room/den! It's so much better then having these things stored in a box somewhere! The kids love it too and are always showing their friends and telling them about it!
And, as I mentioned a while ago..we painted our I changed things around in it. I tried to get some photos of the curtains I made, but it's too sunny out at the moment...anyway, I found this shelf at the Thrift Shop! Already painted!! I also found the star (75 cents) and I painted it the colour I wanted it....I found the baskets at various Thrift Stores...and the little blue house with the star on top....25 cents!! I love searching for bargains!!! I also think this looks really nice in our newly painted kitchen!!

I have been stitching.....I can't seem to get good photos of my stitching though!! Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Here is what I am working on...I am loving it!!! It is called "The Sheltering Tree" by "With Thy Needle and Thread"...and I am stitching it over one.

Have a great day everyone!!


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Hi Marion! Thank you for visiting my blog. I really enjoyed looking through yours as well and signed up as a follower. I've also added you to my blog list so that I can easily keep up with you. You have a lovely home and kids and wow! what a great stash haul you got from that elderly woman. TTYS!

Leslie said...

Good finds, Marion. They fit perfectly in your kitchen. There is something about those neutral colors that I so love and for years I fought it and tried painting every room a different color! LOL

I like your stitching. Very prim and perfect :)

Have a great day :)


Alexandra said...

Such a nice way to honor your grandparents! I like hour you decorate your home! It looks so inviting and relaxing and cozy.

mumzy said...

Marion, your idea of the shadow box is wonderful. I do a bit of geneology and love to see things like that.

Love what you did in your kitchen. My daughter who moved to Liverpool has found a couple of stores there that she has found great bargains in. I have already visited her and have found a couple of bargains myself. Can't wait to go again!

JOLENE said...

What a beautiful piece of history you have created and displayed for your family. It turned out gorgeous, I love sentimental memorabilia that has survived the generations. Your stitching is coming along nicely and I love to find bargains any chance I get at second hand stores, great finds for you!!

Carolyn NC said...

Your shadowbox is beautiful! Love the newly redone kitchen - it's decorated beautifully. Stitching is going well - very pretty!