Sunday, May 24, 2009


That's what I am! TWO weeks of not updating my Blog!!! I guess life kind of got in the way, and I have been hanging out on Facebook some....still no excuse.
We have been busy painting away...I do not like painting ceilings! LOL We are on our kitchen now, which is the hardest room so many things to will all be done soon though.

I've been stitching and will take some photos of the Bellpull I finished and show it next post, and I finally started "Creepy Crawly" by Blue Ribbon Designs...I just barely started that...should have some progress to show tomorrow.

I am meeting a fellow stitcher for lunch tomorrow. We meet periodically, we only live 1/2 hour from each other....she is also a poster on the 123's been quite a while since we have met this time tomorrow will be fun!

Next Saturday is our oldest DD's prom! I hope the weather co-operates! We have it all planned as to where to take the photos....but not if it rains!!!

Speaking of is my youngest at her school. She completed the D A R E program.

And...some visitors that stop in for food each day...LOL

Have a great day everyone!!



Sandy said...

I can understand about not having the time to update your blog. I either am too busy or forget. I remembered early this morning.

Happy that you're stitching, don't forget to share those photos with us. And have a great lunch with your friend.

Don't you hate when the rain doesn't cooperate? It's raining here now and had been for awhile. Not fun all. I hope the prom goes great anyway.

Alexandra said...

Your daughter looks so cute! What is the DARE program? It's good when life gets in the way for good reasons and keeps us away from the computer!

Carolyn NC said...

Looks like you've been really busy!
Nice pics!