Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Good morning from Eastern Canada

I do believe that I will enjoy blogging, when I get the hang of it. I think I also need to be comfortable writing in it...right now it's still a "little weird"

I was just looking ahead at the weather forcast and it is going to snow on my Birthday (Saturday)....:( I was so hoping we could go for a drive that day. Oh well, maybe the forcast will change.

I have"Blanket Club" today. You will be hearing about this probably on a weekly basis. It's a Swedish Weaving club started by my two cousins and myself....we meet at my cousin's house and spend a few hours gabbing and weaving. It's become one of the high points of my week. I enjoy it alot.

Well, off to wake the kids up....will probably add some more later.

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